Bashea (Bah-Shay) Williams, LCSW-C, is described as an Intellectual Emotionalist. Someone who understands what a man thinks and what a woman feels. Helping the two meet and have common ground by encouraging emotion and logic to agree. He is a dedicated father, a licensed Mental Health Therapist, Relationship Advisor and Writer.  He owns private practice where he works with at-risk youth and specializes in marriage and family, couples, and individual counseling. He writes about life, love, and fatherhood. His writing, acting, and public speaking has been featured on several popular websites, BET, Huffington Post, TV One, Radio One, Fatherly, national syndicated radio shows, television, movies, and conferences all over the nation.  He is highly recommended and sought out as a person who is an advocate for healthy individuals and relationships.

Bashea first started writing to first hold himself accountable and get a better understanding of people’s hearts and minds. He loves how relationships work and operate. He strives to help others through his words. Bashea Williams has provided valuable insight on relationships, motivation, and parenting on a variety of panels and conferences. He is highly recruited and his work is valued as measurable and complete. He has years of providing counseling services for singles, couples, youth, and families. Bashea Williams has become well-known for his Trademarked Dear Future Wife series that serves as a man’s guide and a woman’s reference.  His goal is to influence healthy relationships by having compromise, consideration, and an understanding of how people interact.  You can follow his work at, BasheaWilliams on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

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