The San Pedro Experience, Belize

June 11-17, 2021

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Up in the Air Life Virtual Concierge & Private Facebook Group

Up in the Air Life Onsite Staff

Local Rio Carioca Tour Guide

6 Nights Lodging Accommodations at a Luxury Hotel

A Bubbly Toast to kick off the week

Daily breakfast buffet at the hotel (1 lunch, 1 brunch, and 4 dinners)

Unlimited Champagne Brunch at Copacabana Palace

Gourmet lunch at a Michelin Guide Restaurant

A Gourmet Dinner at the best restaurant with a view

A Gourmet Dinner at the best French restaurant in Rio

A Local Carioca Family-Style Dinner

Gourmet Cooking Class including cocktails and dinner

Visit the World Wonder Christ the Redeemer

Sunset Cocktails at Sugar Loaf

Shopping at Ipanema Hippie & Art Fair

Photo Op at Parque Lague

The Rio Beach Experience

Bloco Party Experience

A night at a local Samba School

Lapa Nightlife Experience

A Tour to the Seleron Steps

Visit to a Street Graffiti Art section at Praca Maua

R&B Street Party

Watch a live Carnival Sambadrome Performance

Airport Transfers

Curated Swag Bag

Up in the Air Life Mobile Trip Guide

A Colorful Digitized Trip Welcome Document

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Round trip Airfare to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (GIG)

Travel Medical Insurance

Optional tours available for purchase after booking

Tips for Tour Guides, Tour Directors, and Drivers