Embracing the Rich Tapestry of West Africa

Embracing the Rich Tapestry of West Africa


You've earned it.

We don’t say this lightly.
Our trips attract the kind of professionals who are killing it on the daily.
And, while that’s commendable — no one can keep up that pace forever.
So, let’s pop some bottles and take time to celebrate life!
Come back rejuvenated and ready
to build the next piece of your empire.

Claire hustled so you don't have to.

Up in the Air Life founder and CEO, Claire Soares, built a multimillion-dollar boutique travel agency to create space for you to let your guard down and travel with confidence amongst other like-minded Black people.
At least a third of our clients book their next trip with us within about a year.

Claire Soares was recognized as one of the six most influential Black women in the travel industry and as a Top Black Travel Leader from the Inaugural Airbnb list. Read more about Claire.