Up in the Air Life Booking Policies, Terms, and Conditions

Thank you for your purchase with Up in the Air Life, LLC (“UITAL”) a Delaware Limited Liability Corporation. The following terms and conditions “Terms” apply to all travel products and services purchased. Please review these terms in detail as by purchasing any travel product or service you are bound by the terms outlined in this agreement.

TERMINOLOGY: As used in these Terms and Conditions: “Activity” means each recreational or other activity in the course of the Trip. “Client,” “you,” and “your” refer to the guest or passenger making a Trip or travel reservation with us and also applies to any member of a guest’s or passenger’s traveling party. “Booking Confirmation” means the confirmation of booking. “Our”, “us,” and “we” refer to Up in the Air Life, LLC. “Trip” means an Experience on our website, catalog, or marketing materials or an Experience you have reserved that is set forth in your Client Confirmation and includes all Activities.

CONTACTS:  All formal communications are done via your email used at booking. You are responsible for saving us at a known contact to avoid missing emails due to your email provider moving our messages to spam.  

Any requests for changes to your trip must be sent to us via email at hello@upintheairlife.com. Confirmations for changes to your trips are all done via email to ensure clarity.

BOOKING POLICY: All bookings are subject to availability and are processed for confirmation when payment is received. In rare cases, our system can oversell a trip. If this happens, you will be contacted after paying your deposit and provided a refund with the option to transfer to a new trip with a discount applied for the inconvenience. Deposits vary by trip, please check the trip details page for deposit amounts.

PRICES AND ARRANGEMENTS:  All prices are per person.  If you are sharing a room with someone you must book two trips in double occupancy.  Single occupancy bookings have a private single room.

FORMS OF PAYMENT:  Up in the Air Life accepts all major credit cards, debit cards, and wires for payments.

PRICING: Once you are confirmed, the tour price may be increased due to reasons outside our control such as fuel surcharges for example.  Clients have the right to choose not to pay for a price increase, a full refund will be made to passengers who choose not to pay for the increase.

Occasionally we offer discounted pricing based to bookings based on inventory.  Price decreases are not retroactive to previously purchased bookings. 

Up in the Air Life reserves the right to correct pricing and re-invoice Clients in the case of human or computer error. 

CHANGES IN OCCUPANCY AFTER BOOKING: Any changes in occupancy post-booking will be done at the current pricing available. 

FILING A CHARGEBACK:  Kindly contact us for resolution at hello@upintheairlife.com before filing a dispute with your bank.  Filing a chargeback can result in termination of trips/services and prevent future trips/services with Up in the Air Life.

REFUND & CANCELLATION POLICY: All payments made to Up in the Air Life are non-refundable and non-transferable. Our contracts with our suppliers are competitive and do not allow refunds and this is how we can offer affordable monthly payments on our trip packages.

COMPREHENSIVE TRAVEL INSURANCE:  We highly recommend you purchase a comprehensive travel insurance policy that includes trip cancellation coverage within 3 days after booking that includes a “Cancel for Any Reason” option to cover your non-refundable trip. Trip cancellation insurance is the only means of receiving reimbursement for flights and other non-refundable expenses should you cancel your trip for any reason, whether voluntarily or as a result of Up in the Air Life’s actions.

PAYMENT PLANS: As a courtesy, we offer payment plans for our trips. There is a one-time administrative fee for this service, added at checkout. Your monthly payments start the following month after booking and payments are scheduled bi-weekly until the balance is paid in full. You may contact us to modify your payment due dates and schedule.  At any time you can modify your credit card used for your payment plan by logging into the Client Portal at http://upintheairlife.fortapay.com

When transferring to a new trip your payment plan will resume the following month, and the monthly payment amount is adjusted based on the new balance due including the transfer fee. 

FINAL PAYMENT DATE: All trips must be paid in full 120 days prior to departure. In some cases the deadline are extended to 30 days prior to departure. After you place your deposit our team will QA your invoice to ensure the payment dates are correct, since the automated system sometimes misses the final payment date calculation. If this happens you will get an email with an updated invoice.    

If full payment is not received by the final payment date there is a $250 Late Fee and Up in the Air Life reserves the right to cancel the trip.

DECLINED PAYMENTS: Clients are responsible for monthly payments being processed. Up in the Air Life uses a third party vendor to process credit card payments.  It’s common to have a payment decline by your bank based on various reasons unrelated to funds being available.  If your bank declines a monthly payment you are notified via email.  After 4 business days, if payment is not received a late fee is applied. 

LATE FEES: Monthly Payments not received 4 days after the due date are subject to an Administrative late fee.  

REQUESTING TRIP CANCELLATION: Trip cancellations are only accepted in writing via email at hello@upintheairlife.com. Once we respond to your cancellation we will await your confirmation email prior to processing the cancellation. 

TRIP CANCELLATIONS DUE TO MISSED PAYMENTS: Payment plans require monthly payments.  All payment plans default to payments every 14 days.  You may email the office to change your payment plan frequency. 

Once you miss two bi-weekly payments, you will be notified via email.  After missing two bi-weekly payments your trip is subject to cancellation. Before we cancel your trip you will be notified via your booking email, a phone call and an SMS about the missing payments due to avoid cancellation. Contact us in advance to make alternate payment arrangements.

REINSTATING A CANCELLED TRIP: If your trip is cancelled due to non-payment, You may reinstate your trip within 14 calendar days of cancellation by paying the full amount past due and a $250 reinstatement fee.

TRANSFERRING TO A NEW TRIP: Clients can transfer to another trip anytime up until six months of the departure date of the trip currently booked. The transfer can be to any trip that is currently open. There is a $250 transfer fee.

TRANSFERRING TO ANOTHER WEEK OF THE SAME TRIP IN THE SAME YEAR: You can transfer to another week of the same trip during the same year at a reduced cost of $100. This can only be done 6 months before the departure date of the trip currently registered for. 

TRANSFERRING TO ANOTHER PERSON: You can transfer your trip to another traveler anytime by notifying us via email, as long as that person is traveling on said transferred trip (they are essentially taking your place). There is a one-time transfer administrative fee of $250. Airfare cannot be transferred to another traveler. 

ROOMMATE POLICY: If you book double occupancy for your trip and you do not have a roommate, as a courtesy, we will attempt to pair you with another client of the same sex who also needs a roommate after you are paid in full. However, if 100 days before your trip, you do not have a roommate, you will be required to pay 50% of the single occupancy supplement. Payment of the single occupancy supplement can be paid in even payments and is due within 2 weeks of departure.

ITINERARY CHANGES: While we make every effort to execute the itineraries and hotels provided on the website, itineraries and hotel selections are subject to modification and change due to availability or vendor partner changes. In the unlikely event that there are major changes to the itinerary, clients are notified as soon as possible and an equivalent substitution will be offered.

EARLY ARRIVALS AND LATE DEPARTURES: As a full service travel agency, Up in the Air Life can provide services outside of the trip dates as a convenience to our Clients.  All services before and after trip dates are can be provided at an additional cost.  Contact our Travel Concierge for current pricing for additional services.

EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES DURING THE TRIP: As a full service travel agency, Up in the Air Life can provide additional services during the trips as a convenience to our Clients.  All additional service provided at an additional cost.  Contact our Travel Concierge for current pricing for additional services.

VENDOR RECOMMENDATIONS DISCLAIMER: Up in the Air Life may provide recommendations for third-party vendors as a convenience to our travelers. However, we make no guarantees regarding the quality, reliability, or suitability of any third-party vendors. Any engagement with recommended vendors, including but not limited to the negotiation of terms, services, or prices, is solely at the traveler’s own risk and responsibility. Up in the Air Life assumes no liability for any loss, damage, dissatisfaction, or dispute arising from dealings with any recommended vendor. Travelers are encouraged to conduct their own due diligence before entering into any agreement with such vendors

INDEPENDENT ACTIVITIES: If you decide to participate in any activity or excursion that is not arranged or led by us or the Tour Operator, neither we nor the Tour Operator shall have any responsibility for or control over your safety or well-being, which will be solely your responsibility should issues arise.

AIRPORT TRANSFERS: All trips include black car airport transfers where available on the day the trips starts and ends.  If you require transfers outside of the trip dates, there may be an additional cost.  Email our office your travel plans to confirm pricing.

If your flight is delayed you must contact our Concierge immediately as airport transfers have a wait time of one hour past the scheduled time.  Airport transfers require 4 hour notice for delays and notification less than that time will require a new transfer.  The additional costs are the responsibility of the Client.

HOTEL CHANGES AFTER BOOKING:  If the hotel changes from the advertised brochure Clients are notified and given the alternate host hotel.  The Client has the right to select a different hotel at that time and any additional costs of the new hotel is the responsibility of the client, including transportation costs if required.

HOTEL CHECK-IN TIME:  Hotel check in time is typically at 3PM and at the discretion of the hotel.  If Clients arrive early to the destination purchasing of an additional hotel night is required to guarantee an early check in. Requests for early check-in is based on hotel availability and is at the sole discretion of the hotel.

ROOM UPGRADES/SPECIAL REQUESTS: Upgrades are available on request at individual hotels for an additional cost. Please request upgrades to Up in the Air Life as early as possible for details and prices. Specific requests such as adjacent or connecting rooms, bedding requests, smoking rooms and special dietary needs should be emailed to us at hello@upintheairlife.com at time of booking. Please note that reasonable efforts will be made to secure special requests; however, they cannot be guaranteed.

REQUIRED TRAVEL MEDICAL INSURANCE: All clients attending an Up in the Air Life trip are required to purchase a Travel Medical Insurance policy that includes (1) Emergency Medical Coverage, (2) Emergency Medical Evacuation, and (3) Repatriation of your remains should you perish. A Proof of policy document from your insurance provider is required 60 days before the trip departure date. Your US Health insurance will most likely not satisfy these requirements.

To obtain a travel insurance policy with our partner, Allianz, follow the instructions in this link: 

HEALTH & WELLNESS POLICY: All trips require that you can walk at least 5 miles each day on your own. You should consult your physician to confirm your fitness level for travel and participation in planned activities. Up in the Air Life does not provide medical advice.  Please ensure you review the itineraries in detail and notify the office if you have issues with walking so proper accommodations can be made.

PHOTO/VIDEO RELEASE: Photography and video of the trip activity are taken throughout the experience and shared with clients post-trip. By participating on this trip or at this event you are giving Up in the Air Life; its representatives and employees the right to use photographs, video, and testimony given by you during any Up in the Air Life “Trip”, “Tour”, “Experience”, or “Lifestyle Event”. Up in the Air Life will not disclose your name online or in printed media without additional expressed written consent.

VISA & VACCINATION REQUIREMENTS: Travel visas and Vaccinations can required for many countries visited on our packages. This can also change at any time. It is the responsibility of each traveler to comply with them and to secure the proper travel documents. To avoid disappointment and unnecessary expenses, please carefully review the requirements so that you can obtain all the necessary documents well before your trip. Requirements are subject to change, often without notice, and we suggest you verify requirements with the relevant embassy or consulate. We will not be held responsible for any charges, trip interruptions, or cancellations due to changes in requirements or issues with visa processing.

PASSPORTS AND VISAS: Passports are required for all clients and Clients are responsible for ensuring you have the proper travel documents.  Due to TSA Secure Flight requirements, you must enter all traveler names on your reservation exactly as they appear on each traveler’s passport, including titles such as Jr. or Sr. and any multiple first, middle or last names. If accurate information is not provided, airlines may charge penalties to make corrections or even deny boarding, and you may not be permitted to enter some countries. Any changes in names or passport information should be reported to us immediately via email. Note that any name changes or changes in passport information after you complete your booking may result in additional fees.

You are solely responsible for obtaining and understanding current travel advisories, warnings, requirements, and restrictions by contacting your travel agent, applicable embassies and consulates. We strongly encourage you to visit the U.S. State Department’s website at travel.state.gov and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website at cdc.gov. Non-U.S. residents should consult the appropriate consulates regarding passport, visa, and other document requirements. All Guests must have valid government-issued proof of citizenship to travel, in addition to any other requirements of the country of origin and countries visited. Those without proper documentation may be denied travel. In addition, you may be denied entry to the countries visited if you do not meet the country’s entry requirements. 

Failure to obtain documents does not negate the Terms and Conditions and any extra costs incurred for rerouting due to travel without the necessary documents will be your responsibility.

You are solely responsible for obtaining any documents required for your participation on the Trip such as a valid passport, all visas, vaccination certificates, and any other documents which may be required by your itinerary or as required for traveling with minors, and complying with any destination specific requirements or restrictions.

EXCESS/EXTRA LUGGAGE:  All tours include one large checked bag, a carry on bag, and personal item.  Should your trip include an intracountry domestic or charter flight, your luggage allowance includes 1 checked bag up to 50lbs.  Your carry on dimensions and weight can vary by airline.  Details will be provided in your Trip Pre-Travel Documentation.  Baggage and personal effects are at the owner’s risk throughout the trip and Up in the Air Life assumes no liability for lost, stolen, or damaged baggage. As soon as damage is known, you should contact the vendor and request our assistance if needed.

If you require 2 checked bags there is an additional charge of $100 per piece to account for the additional costs charged by the transportation vendors to accomodate excess luggage.  

Luggage on safari trips typically can be limited to less than 40lbs total including your carryon and checked bag.  If you are on a safari only trip, please email our office for luggage limitations. A safari only trip is a group trip only at safari camps such as Namibia.

DAMAGES: We accept no responsibility for accidents, damage, baggage losses, delays, and/or accidental expenses due to weather, strikes, acts of God, acts of governments or authorities, wars, terrorism, criminal acts committed by third parties, hostilities, civil disturbances, riots, strikes, sickness, quarantine, defects of vehicles or breakdown in the equipment, or to the fault or default of any company used for carrying out these packages. Regarding any and all services and accommodations furnished, we expressly disclaim all responsibility or liability over any matter whatsoever for loss, damage, injury, or expense to property or person due to any cause whatsoever occurring during the duration of the trip or otherwise. All such losses or expenses will be borne by the passengers.

TRIP CANCELLATIONS BASED ON ENROLLMENT: We reserve the right to cancel any Trip or Activity because of inadequate enrollment that makes the Trip or Activity economically infeasible to operate or because of good-faith concerns with respect to the safety, health, or welfare of the Clients. If we cancel a Trip prior to departure, the Client will be provided with a full refund of monies paid to us; except in the event that the cancelation is due to a significant event that makes it infeasible to operate the Trip as planned, in which case the Client will be provided with a refund and/or credit toward a future Trip equivalent to the amount paid.

TRIP CANCELLATION FOR REASONS OUTSIDE OUR CONTROL: In the rare event that it becomes necessary to cancel the trip for reasons beyond our control, such as terrorism, acts of war, strikes, acts of governments, weather, etc. we will reschedule the trip. Trip delays due to COVID-19 fall under this clause. If you are unable to attend the new trip dates you will receive a trip credit valid for 12 months from the date your trip is rescheduled to apply to a future trip

LEAVING A TRIP EARLY (TRIP IN PROGRESS): If a Client elects to leave a Trip in progress of their own volition, the Client will not receive any type of refund. If we or the Tour Operator cancels the Trip in progress and the Client elects not to immediately return to his/her original point of departure for the Trip, or if the Client elects to leave a Trip in progress of their own volition, the Client acknowledges and agrees that: (i) the Client shall be solely responsible for Client’s travel plans once Client departs the Trip; (ii) neither we nor the Tour Operator shall have any responsibility for or control over the Client’s safety or activities once the Client departs the Trip; and (iii) the Client will be solely responsible for any and all costs that may arise out of the Client’s decision to not return to the original point of departure from the Trip in progress. Except as outlined above when we cancel a Trip, you will have full responsibility for any expenses, including any non-refundable expenses, incurred by you in preparing for a canceled Trip or for any additional arrangements should you embark prior to the scheduled group departure date.

FORCE MAJEURE: There may be times when either party is unable to perform, or complete performance, under the travel contract for reasons out of each other’s control. These are called force majeure events and, if they occur, make performing under the contract inadvisable, commercially impracticable, illegal, or impossible. Events that may trigger this provision include but are not limited to, acts of God, acts of government, acts of war or civil unrest, insurrection or revolts, military action, strikes or other labor activities, criminal or terrorist activities of any kind, or the threat thereof, pandemics, epidemics, illnesses or health conditions prevalent in the area of travel, earthquakes, hurricanes, lightning, and explosions, unexpected legislation, or any other event outside the reasonable control of either party. In the event that a force majeure event occurs, the parties will look to and follow the cancellation policies of the suppliers, what is stated in the travel proposal, and these terms & conditions. Any changes to those policies are at the sole discretion of the supplier (if applicable) and Travel Agency. Passengers will be informed of their options if a force majeure event occurs.