Life of a LIfer: Meet Katie SancheZ

I am a passionate and serious traveler!  I have travelled or lived in 95 countries and currently have 24 on my list to visit. I  work at Walt Disney World at Disney Institute, as a Senior Business Program Facilitator, where I deliver professional development programs and provide advisory services to clients worldwide. I am married 31 years, have a 24 year old daughter, two cats, am a serious swimmer, photographer, birder and salsara!
Q: Tell us about one of your favorite trips
One of my favorites was a birthday trip to Rapa Nui  (Easter Island!) I always take a special trip on my birthday and this was my number one because I have been fascinated with the island and the 700+ moais (the large statues) on the island since high school.

 It was spectacular to be up close to history, to be so welcomed by the locals and I enjoyed the wonderful seafood, dance and culture.

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