The top 5 animals to look for on a Luxury Safari.

We know you’ve seen the Lion King, so you know all about the Prideland, “Hakuna Matata”, and “remember who you are” ( in our Mufasa voice). You’ve seen the famous image of the animals lined up to pay respect to the newborn, Simba; and you saw the BIG 5 without even knowing it.

Africa is known for its vast geographical range and the wide variety of native animals. Africa, the continent, yields beautiful grasslands, lush green rain forests, the gorgeous savanna, dominating deserts, and the flowing coastal regions. Simply put, Africa has it all. Choosing to visit certain countries will yield your ability to experience and explore different geographic landscapes and animals.

Here are Africa’s Big 5 and where they might be found grazing, lying low, or sipping water from the basin.


These roaring creatures are a sight to behold. With their deep muscular build and stealthy demeanor, African lions are the most common animals travelers want to observe and encounter. African lions can be found in Eastern and Southern Africa safaris and grassy plains.leopard-515509_1920


You can spot these powerful creatures when you visit the sub-Saharan desert and North Africa. This graceful cat is known for its spotted coat, piercing eyes, and agile hunting skills. African leopards are one of the Big 5 being protected as they are an endangered species.image5


The African or Cape bovine (or buffalo) is the Big 5 animal most known to move gently, stay with the herd, and live together as a family. This animal group is made up of mostly female buffalo and bulls (male buffalo) who use the Southern and Eastern countries of Africa as their home and habitat.


These lovable, plant-eating creatures are known for their gentle, yet strong characteristics. There are two species of these strong and gentle animals, the African bush and the African forest. Both species live in herds and pridefully protect their young. The only difference in the two types of African elephants is their ear and tusk

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