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Known as “Cheeks Cobb” on social media, Terrance Cobb believes in exploring other countries and cultures every chance he gets. Taking advantage of his Middle East location, Terrance travels to countries far and wide – even to places some of us have never heard of! He shares some of his travel experiences with Up in the Air Life.

Up in the Air Life: Why did you make the decision to move abroad?
Terrance: I was a young teacher also working a full time weekend job with children suffering from emotional and psychological issues. I literally slept overnight on the weekends in a group home. As a teacher, I was a coach, a father, a brother and all points in between to the students and children that I worked with. All of this was done to maintain a certain lifestyle that I wanted. Work became overwhelming so I decided to leave the country for a bit of a respite. Nine years later….

Up in the Air Life: Where do you live?
Terrance: I currently live in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates, which is a small rural area outside of Abu Dhabi. Previously, I lived in Korea and Chile before moving here.

Up in the Air Life: What do you do?
Terrance: I remain in education though I am no longer in the classroom.

Up in the Air Life: What are some of the travel advantages living abroad?
Terrance: I am able to travel Europe, Africa, and Asia relatively inexpensively, compared to travel from the U.S. Dubai and Abu Dhabi are major travel hubs. I have also been introduced t

o countries and cities that I would not normally consider…Hell, I spent three weeks traveling through Eastern

Europe, eventually going to Transnistria. I mean, who has heard of Transnistria! Even the budget airlines that I frequently use are nicer than many American-based airlines. I do not have to worry about additional fees for my flipping luggage! These advantages are evident in the number of countries I am able to visit.

Up in the Air Life: How long have you been an expat?
Terrance: I am coming up on my ninth year.

Up in the Air Life: Do you have a network of friends, colleagues?
Terrance: I keep a small circle in the area in which I live; however, with travel groups and being away from the U.S. for so long, I have acquired a pretty large network of people I would deem associates as well as a list of friends.

Up in the Air Life: How long do you think you will be an expat?
Terrance: I currently have no plans to move back to the U.S. I do, however, plan to move closer to home. South America is calling, LOL!

Up in the Air Life: What do you miss about the U.S.?
Terrance: Obviously, what I miss most is my family and a few friends. It is often difficult to hear about or witness major events from a computer screen, not to mention receiving that call in the wee hours of the morning that a family member has passed on. Outside of family, I must admit that I miss the ease of intimate conversation. My “game” definitely takes a hit when the woman does not understand the top-notch compliments I am raining down on her, LOL!

Up in the Air Life: What would you tell someone that is considering moving abroad?
Terrance: Do that “ish!” The world is so vast, it needs more of us to explore!

Up in the Air Life: Have you met other “Lifers” while abroad?
Terrance: Funny enough, I have met quite a few “Lifers” during my travels. They have a different perspective on things. It is quite refreshing to have a conversation with them (most that I have met) because they are so damn happy!

Thanks,”Cheeks,” for sharing your expat experience with us!

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