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October 1 – October 11, 2020

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You know ya Girl: I love to travel! And I’d love for you to join me on one of my trips.

In celebration of my upcoming 50th birthday, I’ve partnered with Up in the Air Life to invite you to a 11-day South African adventure that includes visits to the urban gem, Johannesburg, and Cape Town, known for its beaches and lush wine lands.

This trip also includes a luxury safari stay at Africa’s Leading Safari Reserve, Shambala Private Game Reserve. Our trip starts in Johannesburg, South Africa where we will stay at the award-winning Four Seasons Hotel. Our tours include the deep history of Jozi from the Nelson Mandela House, Inside Apartheid, Soweto.  We will also indulge in a luxury dining at Marble on the hills of Jozi.  We then move on to Our Cape Town, where our stay includes a history tour, walking foodie tour, a Table Mountain experience, an exploration of Boulder Beach, Cape Point, and an in-depth wine land experience with dinner.

I hope that you can join me on this adventure!


Randi B.

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