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Chinatown Instagram Photo Tour
2 Hours | Starts at 4:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Week 1: April 28, 2022
Week 2: April 17, 2022
Cost: $170 per person (4 person minimum)

Includes: Roundtrip Transfers and Private Professional Tour Guide (This is a private tour for UITAL)
Not Included: Tips to Tour Guide

The year is 1910. A coolie has just arrived in Singapore after a week-long journey from Guangdong province, in a crowded Chinese junk boat. From Singapore River, he offered prayers and gratitude at a nearby temple, and proceed to find jobs, sought accommodation and eventually settled down in a new country – Singapore. Following the life journey of our coolie, we will bring out stories of early immigrants and the progression of Singapore, while capturing insta-worthy shots along the way. Join us in discovering Singapore in a novel and fun way together with our friendly influencers as they generously share tips and secret spots to capture the finest shots of SG. Get your smartphone ready and join us on the first and only Instagram tour of Singapore!

Why Join this tour? The first and only Instagram tour of Singapore with a guide and nano-influencer on the tour with you! You love to walk and learn about culture, history and stories of Singapore with our fun-loving guide Bring home the best souvenir – insta-worthy shots of the places you visited Make friends with our guide and nano-influencer