When did you fall in love with travel?
Though I had traveled a little growing up, I did not fall in love with traveling until my Freshman year in college when I took my first trip to California. I was intrigued by almost the completely different world Californians lived, versus my southern life in Texas. After that experience, I yearned to see how other people lived globally.

Why did you join the UITAL team? 

I joined the UITAL team because I know what traveling has added to my life, and I wanted to be part of a company that helped others have amazing travel experiences.

What are you looking forward to the most about being on the team? 

I look forward to meeting other like-minded people who share my passion for traveling and the feeling of joy from watching UITAL clients have the time of their lives.

What sets UITAL apart?

What sets UITAL apart is their desire to always be in the mode of making sure clients are happy and well taken care of.