Brandie Davis | Director of Events
When did you fall in love with travel?
I fell in love with travel when I was young. My parents always did a great job of taking my brother and I on vacation and exposing us to new places. Our most memorable places were done via a road trip as we weren’t wealthy enough to fly. They took us all over the country from west coast to east coast. To this day I love a good road trip and I always love seeing new places.
Why did you join the UITAL team? 
UITAL represents class and ensures that their customers feel valued. I feel that that is a winning model when it comes to business and it is one that I am happy to be a part of. 
What are you looking forward to the most about being on the team? 
I’m looking forward to showing people the hidden gems in Southern California that I’ve grown up having access to. I can’t wait to share them with others. 
What sets UITAL apart?

I would say customer service, class and luxury set UITAL apart from the competition. UITAL pays attention to the details that others often miss and that helps to create unforgettable experiences for customers.