Meet Desniege “Miss Dee” Joseph:

Entrepreneur, accomplished events planner, host, and devout world traveler.
As founder and owner of NubianGlamRock Entertainment, based in Phoenix, Arizona, her company has become the bedrock for innovative cultural events and experiences since 2011. Events including the area’s largest Natural Hair Expo, the Arizona Jerk Festival (now in its 4th year), and many more have added diversity to the Phoenix landscape.

Those who are familiar with Miss Dee, know of her passion for traveling.  Whether it’s for a Caribbean Carnival, group trips, festivals or beautiful beaches she’s ready for a good experience. More importantly they know of her love for saving and not breaking the bank while traveling as well.   CloudCoasters Travel Concierge. was founded by Miss Dee in the summer of 2017, the company is an extension of her passion for traveling where she also serves her already booming network of affiliations and VIP clients in booking low cost travel.

In the midst of holding down two companies, mommy duties, hosting events, and traveling she has found that navigating the dating world can present its own unique challenges. Through her social media presence, she’s worked towards reaching her goal to not only establish great business relationships but to also:

• Offer  advice and methods to encourage fellow singles in the dating world to harness the power of their own social media for positive dating experiences.
• Fight and debunk the myth and stereo types that positive dating experiences, even love, can be found via social media
• To promote a “love yourself first” mantra via social media that will develop an attractive energy. Not just for dating but for other types of relationships (business, friendships, partnerships, etc.)

In her most recent role in the Baecations community she’s provided transparent advice, coordinated dates and dating challenges, facilitated discussions around important dating subject, and more.  She’s now building her focus on coaching individuals on how they can makeover their personal profiles to make dating via social media more of a success and less of a disappointment.

Current Goals:
Vist 30 Countries in her 30’s
Teach entrepreneurs how to lower their travel expenses

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