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The Senegal Experience

Monday, June 13 2022 @ 4:00PM EST

The Israel Experience

Monday, June 13 2022 @ 4:30PM EST

The Cuba Experience

Monday, June 13 2022 @ 5:00PM EST

The Iceland Experience

Tuesday, June 14 2022
@ 4:00PM EST

The Vietnam Experience

Tuesday, June 14 2022
@ 4:30PM EST

The Singapore Experience

Tuesday, June 14 2022
@ 5:00PM EST

The Namibia Flying Experience

Wednesday, June 15 2022
@ 4:00PM EST

The Jordan Experience

Wednesday, June 15 2022
@ 4:30PM EST

The South Africa Beaches & Bubbles Experience

Wednesday, June 15 2022
@ 5:00PM EST

The Amalfi Coast Experience


Wednesday, June 15 2022
@ 5:30PM EST

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Join a replay of one of our Trip Previews and get the low down on our luxe experiences.

The Antarctica Experience

Tuesday @ 12:30 PM EDT

Thursday @ 7:30 PM EDT

Saturday @ 12:30 PM EDT

The Brazil Experience

Tuesday @ 1:00 PM EDT

Thursday @ 8:00 PM EDT

Saturday @ 1:00 PM EDT

The Egypt Experience

Tuesday @ 12:00 PM EDT

Thursday @ 7:00 PM EDT

Saturday @ 12:00 PM EDT

The Only Champagne + Cognac Experience

Wednesday @ 11:30 AM EDT

Friday @ 7:30 PM EDT

Sunday @ 5:30 PM EDT

The Ghana Experience

Tuesday @ 11:30 AM EDT

Thursday @ 6:30 PM EDT

Saturday @ 11:30 AM EDT


The Croatia Experience

Wednesday @ 10:00 AM EDT

Friday @ 6:00 PM EDT

Sunday @ 4:00 PM EDT


The Tanzania Experience

Tuesday @ 10:30 AM EDT

Thursday @ 5:30 PM EDT

Saturday @ 10:30 AM EDT

The Greece Experience

Tuesday @ 2:30 PM EDT

Thursday @ 9:30 PM EDT

Saturday @ 2:30 PM EDT

The Portugal Experience

Wednesday @ 11:00 AM EDT

Friday @ 7:00 PM EDT

Sunday @ 5:00 PM EDT

The South Africa Experience

Tuesday @ 10:00 AM EDT

Thursday @ 5:00 PM EDT

Saturday @ 10:00 AM EDT

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Claire Soares was recognized as one of the six most influential Black women in the travel industry and as a Top Black Travel Leader from the Inaugural Airbnb list. Read more about Claire.