China Meets Chicago



July 29, 2017


8:45 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.


DQ Luxury Reflexology Massage & Relaxation Retreat
910 S Michigan Ave #120
Chicago, IL 60605


Chicago Lifers, get your Saturday morning off to a truly relaxing start by experiencing Chinese culture, including Tai Chi/Qigong and Reflexology massage therapy, culminating with an optional family style Chinese lunch at favored local Chinese Restaurant (not included in price).

Start the day with an introductory Qigong class in the park from a master instructor. Afterward, you will be escorted across the street for your reflexology session, where your feet will be methodically rubbed and your back purposefully massaged at a local Chinese owned and operated reflexology parlor.


Get INSPIRED to learn how to slowly move your body in a new and beautiful way, while burning calories. Qigong, a form of “meditation in motion,” is steeped in thousands of years of Chinese history, and whether this is your first time practicing it or not, you will definitely enjoy this session. You will then experience an amazing communal reflexology session that will take all your cares away. Finally, indulge in a delicious optional Chinese lunch before departing to enjoy the rest of your day.

CONNECT with others Lifers who delight in new and relaxing experiences. Keep in mind, both the Qigong & the Reflexology session, though done in a group, is also a time to reCONNECT with yourself. The optional family style Chinese lunch, however, will offer an opportunity to meaningfully connect with other Lifers while reflecting on the amazing experience that just occurred.

GROW your knowledge of Chinese culture and learn about an ancient tradition that still thrives in modern times.




Cost includes: Includes – 60-minute Qigong Lesson, 1-hour reflexology & back massage, and swag. The family-style lunch is optional and will be at the expense of the client.
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