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8 Days // 7 Nights

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HIGH ?You should be able to walk and stand for extended periods.

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Up in the Air Life proudly presents Carnival in Grenada curated and hosted by Jouvert Mike.  As a huge advocate of giving back, Jouvert Mike provides a unique opportunity for you to learn about and experience Carnival first hand while also giving back and exploring the island. Carnival is celebration of life and Caribbean culture and spreads euphoric vibes—love, laughter, music, and beauty. Join us for one week of Soca, Sun & Fun. 

August 6-12, 2020


Welcome to the Spice Island, Grenada!  Grenada, affectionately called the Island of Spice, is the largest producer of nutmeg, mace, chocolate in the world.  Arrive at Maurice Bishop International Airport (GND) and check in to your hotel.  Enjoy some free time at nearby Grand Anse Beach with a drink in your hand and feet in the sand. Tonight’s welcome reception includes a Carnival 101 tutorial including dance pointers with Carnival Veteran, Jouvert Mike, followed by a group dinner to kick off our week of Soca, Sun & Fun! Get ready to live Carnival life from jump. We will hit the first all-inclusive fete (aka party) with an open bar and live performances from local & international Soca artists!


Wake up and enjoy the fresh breakfast buffet at the hotel.  Today we give back before we get it in.  You will bring books, learning supplies, and other requested materials to a local orphanage.  While at the orphanage we’ll read books with the kids, play a few games & gain a greater appreciation for what local advocates are doing for the children of Grenada. For lunch we’ll dine on a low-key local lunch fare (Roti, Oil Down, Doubles, Callaloo Soup) and make our way up to Grand Etang & the 7 Sisters Waterfall. Tonight there will be more fetin’ – so get ready for a VIP experience at the Soca Monarch Show!  Bring your flag, jump and wave, and enjoy a wine and jam on a bumpa.  Tonight’s highlight is cultural competition that is an annual competition for the best Soca performance for the year.


Get ready for a marathon of fetin. You’ll drink, dance aka wine, be a part of bacchanal (aka debauchery) with a fleet of boats – partying on the water, In the water, and on the beach — this is an ALL-DAY affair of Soca, Sun, Rum & Fun. We’ll start with drinking & dancing on catamarans, then take a dip in the ocean (pray we see some turtles or dolphins), back on the boats for more drinking, a lunch will be provided — just think PACE because after all the drinking & dancing out on the ocean we take it to the sand to continue the party on the beach with more music, rum & fun. For those who want to hang like a true Feteran (veteran feter) there will be a late night fete – the all-white party/concert of International Soca Stars will go until the wee hours of the morning.


This is your day to enjoy and/or explore Grenada however you desire. You’re free to enjoy a relaxing day on Grand Anse Beach, visit a chocolate factory, ride ATV’s on the coastline, treat yourself with spa treatments overlooking water. Fete options will be offered for those who want to continue the Carnival life in the late afternoon/early evening – with the choice of either an upscale all-inclusive fete or a bit of Trini lime (relaxed hangout by well-known Trinidadian promoters) that will turn into a foam party & offer a cash bar.


JAB JAB in the City!!!!!!! THIS IS GRENADA – Trinidad is the mecca for pretty mas Carnival in the Caribbean, yet everyone know Grenada’s Jab Jab is the mecca of all J’ouverts. We get greased down (literally…trust me you’ll thank me later lol) and hit the streets well before dawn to take a wicked jab. By lunch, we return for a “group cleanse” in the ocean – an experience you’ll definitely remember….. rest up … because we do it again with “Midnight Mas” aka Neon Mas – get your glow sticks, light-up shoes, and get ready to jump & wave late night. Grenada is unique in that it has essentially 3 different road marches – Jab Jab being the massive cultural staple, Neon Mas, and then the traditional “Pretty Mas” (the intricate costumes with jewels & feathers). Midnight Mas is a visually stunning experience of thousands of flashing lights, glowsticks, glowing hats, bras, pants, & shoes …. Iif it can be lit up then chances are someone is rocking it that night. It’s something to truly behold as a wave of bright neon glowsticks sway from left to right.


*For those up for another round of Jab Jab …. We head out early morning for Jab Jab in the Country – this is the epitome of small island Carnival. This is literally how my development years in Anguilla went – we bring our own liquor, hop up in the street behind the small trucks overloaded with speakers and chip our way up & down through a local village. For those looking to get hair & makeup done before pretty mas – relax, sleep in and get yourself ready for another beautiful afternoon/evening dancing through the streets “playing mas”. Playing Mas is refers to being a masquerader in a Carnival band – chipping (dancing while walking) & wining on de road ….. This is your chance to wear jewels, feathers, jump & wave.



Breakfast at the hotel
Grenada is one of the most spectacular geographic locations to visit – we’ll have visited a rainforest (Seven Sisters Waterfall), enjoyed the beautiful beaches….. and now it’s time to take a dive – with the option to either scuba dive or snorkel at the underwater sculpture museum. This is a chance to see some incredible sea life while watching a coral reef is being built out of artistic sculptures – many paying homage to historic Grenadian life. Of course we need to finish with a champagne toast on the way back & enjoy a final dinner together


Rise and shine for enjoy your last day in Spice Isle.  Up in the Air Life private drivers will sadly whisk you away to the airport.  Goodbye Grenada and thanks for the memories!