The Ritz Carlton Experience

Athens + Patmos + Ephesus + Kavala + Bozcaada + Istanbul

There aren’t very many places in the world where you can take a break on deserted sunny beaches, visit ancient ruins, or explore new towns before boarding an ultra-luxe, brand new state-of-the-art superyacht which will deliver you to a new exotic destination daily.

Join us on our 8-day luxury adventure aboard the Ritz Carlton superyacht and explore the most exotic playgrounds in Europe, Greece, and Turkey. Feel the pulse of history as you climb to the Acropolis, jump into the crystal turquoise ocean with new friends, and be mesmerized by the Blue Mosque as you experience these countries in total blissful indulgence.

Do you hear that? That’s the sound of your superyacht arriving at today’s new destination as you pop bottles on the deck, reminding yourself of just how far you’ve come. Live that bougie life aboard the world’s newest and fanciest cruise liner as you enjoy a journey for the senses dining at one of the ten restaurants on the ship, each offering innovative menus capturing local flavors of each port visited.

The ancient relics, bustling markets, and secluded beaches you’ll discover throughout Greece and Turkey will have you ticking off experiences on your bucket list. No cap.

And you didn’t come snatched for nothin’! The pics you will snap of your melanin poppin’ in new towns and on exotic beaches every day will be enough to shut down the gram.

Whether you are soaking it all in on the deck of the superyacht, visiting ancient temples, or finding the best deals at local markets, the breathtaking scenery on this voyage will make you feel blessed to experience the beauty of these remarkable destinations.

Priceless moments with new friends, historical exploration, and pampered relaxation aboard an ultra-luxe superyacht await you on your Up in the Air Life journey through the Aegean Sea.

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Here's your trip at a glance.


From exploring ancient ruins and temples to landing in a new port daily, this voyage offers a wide variety of activities, scenery (and selfie) options. You will be able to check must-see sites like the Parthenon in Athen's Acropolis and its museum, secluded beaches and historical towns in the Aegean Sea, the Byzantine Basilica of Haghia Sophia and Istanbul markets off your bucket list.


This trip is your chance to be classy, bougie, and a little ratchet. From dining on food created by the finest chefs and learning about where western civilization was born to kicking at the most lit parties aboard, you will experience the spectrum of Greece and Turkey's multifaceted culture.


The Ritz Carlton superyacht is so extra. After a long day exploring ancient cities, finding the best deals in the market, or soaking in the sites, you will relax in one of the most stylish cruise ships in Europe. Personalized service and luxury amenities are waiting for you to live your best life aboard. This boat has it all. Only the best for Lifers!

Explore the day-by-day itinerary.



Day 1

Welcome to Athens, Greece!

Arrive in beautiful historical Athens, Greece (ATH). Once settled in, you can relax or take a leisurely stroll to see what Athens has to offer. 

Athens is the cradle of the Western democratic tradition, home to civilization as radiant as before or since. Feel the pulse of history as you climb to the hilltop Acropolis, home to some of the city’s most renowned ancient sites. Take a private city tour of Athens that includes visiting the Acropolis, Acropolis Museum, Mars Hill, the Plaka market area (where you can find Grecian delights), as well as a few other monuments Greece is famous for. 

Day 2

Patmos, Greece.

Visit the sacred and the secular share Patmos. Christian pilgrims have visited this hilltop site, the nearby Cave of the Apocalypse, and the many other churches and religious edifices that dot the rugged interior.

Skála, the capital, is a pretty port town whose natural harbor, curved around Patmos’ narrow middle, provides wonderful anchorage for visitors who come to swim, dine and relax. The village of Kámpos is a popular spot for sun-seekers and water sports while peaceful coves and beaches are found along the intricate coastline.

Day 3

Kuşadasi, Turkey.

Simple seaside pleasures – a waterfront promenade, open-air cafés and some gorgeous beaches – are the focus of life in the resort town of Kuşadası. This modern port is the gateway to Ephesus, one of the great cities of antiquity, which lies just 10 miles inland. Founded by the Ionian Greeks, Ephesus flourished as a provincial capital of Imperial Rome.

Wandering around its agoras, baths, libraries and mosaic-adorned houses is an experience you’ll never forget. Although Ephesians were forced to abandon their city, Byzantine and Ottoman sites in the nearby town of Selçuk illustrate the unstoppable march of history in this corner of Asia Minor. Back in Kuşadası, pull up a chair in a çay bahçesi (tea garden) on the water’s edge in the evening, or join the party along Bar Street

Day 4

Sailing Time!

With a day at sea, enjoy the unique opportunity to unplug and relax into the unhurried life on board.

Enjoy a workout with a view at the gym, indulge in a relaxing spa treatment, watch the sky transform at sunset from The Observation Lounge, or find an intimate alcove in The Living Room and lose yourself in a favorite book.

Day 5

Kavala, Greece

A stunning Aegean setting and an array of sights drawn from 26 centuries of history make Kavala one of northeastern Greece’s most fascinating destinations. From atop the ruins of a Byzantine acropolis, an Ottoman castle guards the small peninsula that holds the old town, called Panagia.

Kavala’s new city fans out across the surrounding mainland hills, tobacco warehouses and elegant neoclassical mansions reflecting its 19th-century fortunes. A monumental 16th-century aqueduct, built by Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent, spans the historic and newer districts.

Day 6

Bozcaada, Turkey

Often referred to as ‘Turkey’s Best Kept Secret’, the windswept island of Bozcaada has a decidedly unhurried vibe. Draped in vineyards and adorned with deserted beaches, it luxuriates in its easy-going Aegean attitude. Spend a contented morning wandering through the cobblestoned streets of the Greek Quarter or climbing up to the port’s enormous medieval castle, which is one of the largest citadels in the Aegean.

Watch the fishermen haul in their daily catch, sample the local wines at the Amadeus or Corvus Vineyards, or simply opt for some down-time on a secluded beach. At the end of the day, retire to a quaint taverna and sample the local sardines cooked in vine leaves.

Day 7

Istanbul, Turkey.

Beautiful and bold, Istanbul stands astride the continents of Europe and Asia. Start your day with a silky Turkish coffee before making your way to the Byzantine basilica of Haghia Sophia. With its gold mosaics and awe-inspiring dome, this is one of the world’s most beautiful buildings.

Follow this with a visit to the Blue Mosque, the grand project of Sultan Ahmet I, and a tour of the harem at the opulent Topkapi Palace. In the afternoon, take a boat trip between Europe and Asia or practice your haggling skills at the colorful Grand Bazaar. Bring your day to a close in a chic rooftop bar in the Beyoğlu district. 

Day 8

Last Day in Istanbul.

Enjoy your last morning on the yacht with another scrumptious breakfast.

Say your last goodbyes to the crew and all your new friends! Check out and enjoy your last day in the city.


No matter where you travel, our standards are the same.


Connect with amazing people.

We provide the opportunity to make friendships with people who share your worldview and won't ask why you wear a bonnet to sleep.

Experience attentive
and authentic hospitality.

Not only is the staff of Up in the Air Life dedicated to making sure your trip is flawlessly executed, but we are also intentional about choosing locales and vendors who celebrate Black travelers

Be pampered with only the best.

There is no need to take a break from your baller lifestyle when you travel with us. Our lodging, excursions, and dining are pure luxury.

Feel safe and secure.

Our experienced American guides and well-maintained local relationships mean that you will have peace of mind when you travel with us.

Say "goodbye" to FOMO.

Our trips are anything but basic. While we make sure you see well-known main attractions, we also develop itineraries that will give you unique stories to share with your friends back home.

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