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Up in the Air Life proudly presents soulful sails in Seychelles. Located in East Africa, the secret paradise of Seychelles consists of 115 islands to fall in love with. Enjoy sunbathing afternoons with breathtaking landscapes, snorkeling in turquoise waters with thousands of fishes, bike riding on the coast, watersport activities, and much more on this 8-day trip to relax in paradise. Every day is a new island and a new adventure onboard your luxury Catamaran, where your private Chef serves up gourmet food daily to complete this experience with gastronomic delights!

JANUARY 23 – 30, 2021


Welcome to Seychelles! Mahé is the largest island with rich rainforests and a mountainous interior. There are over 60 beaches and sweeping bays on this island. For those who arrive early we will explore the island and meet at the yacht later to load up and enjoy our first dinner together and toast it up to our upcoming sail while getting to know one another. We will anchor for the night at Saint Anne Marine Park.


Today we’ll visit of the Saint Anne Marine Park islands, a beautiful spot to do snorkelling. After lunch cruise to Cocos Island which is made of large rocks with strange regular stripes carved by the sea. Cocos Island forms a beautiful sight with a great harmony of shapes and colours. Under the sea, the vision is equally attractive with thousands of fishes. Unforgettable snorkelling. We will anchor in front of the picturesque harbour of La Digue.


Today at La Digue you can walk or rent a bike and ride around this quiet and beautiful island. With its tracks winding under tall palm trees, houses with roofs of palm leaves, small coprah factories, fine white sandy beaches and large polished rocks, La Digue might be the most beautiful island in the Seychelles. No cars, only bicycles or carts drawn by oxen. Horse rides are also possible. We will anchor in La Digue harbour.


Today we’ll visit Cousin Island. Since 1968, the island has been a nature reserve and bird sanctuary with rare species and some giant tortoises. After lunch onboard, this afternoon we’ll be in Praslin. Our visit to the Vallée de Mai, a valley under UNESCO protection, includes a walk in the Vallée is enchanting. The path wanders in the near obscurity created by the enormous palm leaves of “Cocos de mer”. The trunks are 40 m high and sway gently in the breeze, making a strange rustling sound as they rub against each other. We will anchor in Baie St. Anne.


Today in Grande Soeur, we will barbecue on the beach, another beautiful sight in Seychelles. Enjoy the fresh air and take a 40 min walk to discover the island, water sports, and relaxation. We will anchor in Curieuse or Anse Petite Cour for the night.


This morning in Curieuse, part of the Marine National Park, is where more than a hundred tortoises live. After lunch, we’ll head to Saint Pierre islet, a mass of rounded rocks crowned with a clump of tall palms swaying gently in the wind: typical and superb scenery of Seychelles photographed on countless occasions and printed a million times in tourism magazines! Here is an excellent spot for snorkelling with magnificent underwater scenery. We will anchor in Anse Volbert or Anse Lazio, Praslin.


Our last day is filled with snorkelling, swimming and water sport activities on the beautiful beaches of Praslin. We’ll return to Mahé in the afternoon and enjoy our last night in paradise.


Enjoy your last breakfast on the yacht. Safe travels home and see you soon.