The Thailand Experience

Bangkok + Phuket

There aren’t many places in the world where you can indulge in vibrant cuisine, immerse yourself in exotic culture, and experience stunning natural wonders. 

Join us on our 8-day luxury adventure in Thailand, where we’ll take you on a journey through the best that this enchanting land has to offer. From a cooking class in Bangkok to exploring the historic landmarks of Wat Po and the Grand Palace, our journey will immerse you in the rich culture and traditions of Thailand. Check out our client photos at #UITALThailand

Can you hear it? The sizzling sounds of the cooking class in Bangkok, the splashing waves of James Bond Island, and the peaceful serenity of Phi Phi. Our journey through Thailand will take you on a magical adventure through this exotic land.

Indulge in the vibrant cuisine of Thailand as you learn to cook traditional dishes in a cooking class. Explore the historic landmarks of Wat Po and the Grand Palace, marveling at their rich history and cultural significance.

Then, head to the stunning island of Phuket, where you’ll visit James Bond Island and Phi Phi, two of the most breathtaking natural wonders in Thailand. Whether you’re cruising on a private boat or relaxing on a picturesque beach, the stunning scenery will leave you feeling grateful for the opportunity to experience the beauty of Thailand.

Priceless moments with new friends, cultural immersion, and pampered relaxation await you on your Up in the Air Life journey through Thailand.

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Here's your trip at a glance.


Get ready for an extraordinary adventure as we whisk you away to the captivating wonders of Bangkok and the breathtaking beauty of Phuket. Your itinerary will lead you through the vibrant streets of Bangkok, the sacred temples, and the legendary Phi Phi Islands. Prepare yourself for a journey filled with cultural immersion and astonishing landscapes that will leave you in awe.


Your Bangkok and Phuket experience is all about embracing these captivating destinations. You'll wander through the bustling streets of Bangkok, where the vibrant energy will ignite your soul. Marvel at the intricate details of sacred temples, discovering the wisdom and spirituality they hold. But that's not all—we'll take you on a culinary adventure, indulging in the flavors of Thailand during a sensational cooking class. And when we make our way to Phuket, prepare for a day trip to the Phi Phi Islands, where you'll soak up the sun, swim in crystal-clear waters, and let the beauty of nature captivate your senses.


Prepare to be pampered like royalty in our carefully selected accommodations. After a day filled with awe and wonder, you'll retreat to luxurious havens that exude elegance and charm. Picture yourself enveloped in the opulence of a five-star hotel in the heart of Bangkok, where every corner whispers tales of indulgence and sophistication. And when we arrive in Phuket, get ready to be mesmerized by beachfront resorts that offer breathtaking views and world-class amenities. Rest assured, we have handpicked accommodations that will make your stay an unforgettable experience...

Explore the day-by-day itinerary.



Day 1

Welcome to Bangkok!

Tonight, we’re about to experience some serious magic.

Get ready to indulge in a mouthwatering, multi-course welcome dinner that will make your taste buds do a happy dance.

Paired with the finest wine and bubbly, we’ll be sipping and savoring the flavors of Thailand.

Day 2

Today, we’re diving headfirst into a day of cultural exploration.

Our first stop is Wat Po, a temple that radiates tranquility and wisdom.

Inside, we’ll pay our respects to the mesmerizing Emerald Buddha, a symbol of enlightenment and grace.

In the afternoon, we’ll unleash our inner chefs during a vibrant cooking class.

With our aprons on and spices in hand, we’ll create the most delicious Thai dishes.

Day 3

Get ready to uncover the hidden gems of Ayutthaya, a city that holds a wealth of history and stories waiting to be heard.

As we walk through its ancient streets, we’ll honor our shared heritage and celebrate the strength and resilience of black people everywhere.

From the majestic temples to the remnants of a glorious past, we’ll immerse ourselves in the beauty of this UNESCO World Heritage Site, leaving our mark on its storied walls.

Day 4

Today, it’s all about embracing freedom and liberation.

Take this chance to explore at your own pace!

Lose yourself in the vibrant energy of Bangkok’s floating markets, where every corner is a treasure trove of exotic delights.

Bargain like a boss, find distinctive souvenirs, and let the rhythm of the market guide your steps.

If shopping is your love language, unleash your inner fashionista and hit the vibrant malls and bustling boutiques.

Day 5

We’re off to Phuket, where the sun-soaked beaches and shimmering waters await our presence.

This evening, take charge of your own adventure and immerse yourself in the beautiful island.

Stroll along the beachside promenade, browse the colorful night markets, or groove to the rhythm of local music that fills the air.

Let Phuket’s enchantment surround you.

Day 6

Today, we’re taking a day trip to the breathtaking Phi Phi Islands, where paradise truly comes alive.

Feel the warm sand beneath your feet, dip into the crystal-clear waters, and let the picture-perfect landscapes awaken your senses.

Whether we’re snorkeling among vibrant coral reefs, lounging on pristine beaches, or uncovering hidden gems, the beauty of these islands will reflect the charm that resides within each of us.

Day 7

It’s our final day, but the magic isn’t over yet!

Tonight, we gather for a mesmerizing farewell multi-course dinner on the Phuket beach.

As the moonrise takes place, we come together to celebrate the bonds we’ve formed and the memories we’ve created.

Surrounded by laughter and delicious flavors, let’s toast to our journey.

Day 8

Enjoy your last morning in the hotel with another scrumptious breakfast, and say your goodbyes to your new friends!

Check out at the hotel and get whisked away by your private transfer to the airport where you will head home or onwards to your next adventure.

No matter where you travel, our standards are the same.


Connect with amazing people.

We provide the opportunity to make friendships with people who share your worldview and won't ask why you wear a bonnet to sleep.

Experience attentive
and authentic hospitality.

Not only is the staff of Up in the Air Life dedicated to making sure your trip is flawlessly executed, but we are also intentional about choosing locales and vendors who celebrate Black travelers.

Be pampered with only the best.

There is no need to take a break from your baller lifestyle when you travel with us. Our lodging, excursions, and dining are pure luxury.

Feel safe and secure.

Our experienced American guides and well-maintained local relationships mean that you will have peace of mind when you travel with us.

Say "goodbye" to FOMO.

Our trips are anything but basic. While we make sure you see well-known main attractions, we also develop itineraries that will give you unique stories to share with your friends back home.


The Thailand Experience

What is included:

Our trips get you close to that Beyoncé-on-a-boat lifestyle. Let us handle your travel style glow up.

  • Up In The Air Life On-site Tour Leader
  • Bon Voyage Group Video Call with the Up in the Air Life Team
  • Pre-trip Concierge Support for Room Upgrades and Booking Optional Tours
  • Pre-trip Concierge Support for Spa Appointments
  • Pre-trip Concierge Support for Restaurant Reservations
  • Private Concierge Chat during your trip for Dining and Spa Reservations
  • 7 Nights Stay at Handpicked Luxury Hotels in Bangkok and Phuket
  • Daily Breakfast at the Hotels
  • Welcome Multicourse Dinner Paired with Fine Wines and Bubbly
  • Temple Visit to Wat Po, paying respects to the Emerald Buddha
  • Vibrant Cooking Class
  • Cultural Exploration in Ayutthaya, uncovering its hidden gems and honoring our shared heritage
  • Free Day in Bangkok for Exploring Floating Markets, Shopping in Vibrant Malls
  • Flight to Phuket, taking us to the sun-soaked beaches and shimmering waters breathtaking beauty
  • Farewell Dinner on the Phuket Beach, where we toast to our journey 
  • Transportation to all Hosted Activities
  • VIP Meet + Greet Private Airport Transfers
  • Personalized Hand-selected Gifts in your Swag Bag

What is not included:

We take care of all the details on your itinerary once you land. If you want to further personalize your experience, go off!

  • Round-trip airfare to and from the destination
  • Travel Medical Insurance Insurance (Please note this is required to attend the trip.)
  • Room Upgrades are available for purchase after booking
  • Optional tours are available for purchase after booking
  • Tips for Tour Leader, Guides and Drivers
  • Passport or Visa Processing Fees
  • Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the time of travel with at least 2 free visa pages.
  • Expenses for vaccines that may be required

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